How L2L Works

How L2L Works

Leader to Leader consists of four major components.


The Leader to Leader program is structured around 1-2 day-long workshops every 5-6 weeks throughout the L2L program year. Workshops are led by MIT senior leaders, Sloan and other faculty, and leadership development experts, and include:

  • Applying a theoretical framework for leadership to MIT-specific challenges
  • Engaging in dialogue with MIT senior leaders
  • Working collaboratively with colleagues on meaningful learning experiences
  • Reflecting and committing to action.

Individual Leadership Development

L2L Fellows complete a multi-rater assessment. The multi-rater assessment is a confidential process that gathers feedback on the individual's leadership competencies from:

  • Peers
  • Managers
  • Direct reports
  • Others

The Fellows meet with an executive coach to:

  • Analyze and synthesize results of multi-rater assessment
  • Identify leadership development goal(s) based on assessment outcomes
  • Periodically discuss progress toward the goal(s), obstacles that hinder progress, and ways to apply L2L learning toward leadership goal(s)

Applied Learning

L2L Fellows apply what they learn during the workshops to their leadership goals and timely and relevant aspects of their work.

L2L Fellows are part of an L2L project team that supports strategic Institute goals. These teams are sponsored by senior leaders and L2L alums and give L2L Fellows the opportunity to:

  • Focus on leadership competencies within the context of real MIT projects
  • Reinforce key leadership lessons
  • Deepen knowledge and understanding about the Institute
  • Build their network of colleagues from across the Institute 

Manager Engagement

L2L Fellows are most successful at applying what they learn in L2L to their work when their managers are actively engaged in their leadership development. To this end, managers of L2L Fellows are expected to:

  • Give input in their Fellow's multi-rater assessment
  • Participate in a Manager's Orientation
  • Actively enable Fellows to apply what they are learning in the work setting
  • Meet with Fellow and his/her executive coach at least twice during L2L
  • Attend the L2L project presentations

If a Fellow's manager is unable to fulfill these expectations, the Fellow can choose a designate in the manager's place. If an applicant and his/her manager prefer to choose a designate, the applicant should contact Margaret Ann Gray at for guidance in identifying someone who can serve in this role successfully.