Jobs & Career Development

MIT offers several resources to assist its staff in their professional development, training, and career development within the Institute.

Jobs at MIT

Use the Jobs at MIT site to look for jobs within the Institute or visit the Staffing Services site to find resources for hiring managers.

World of Work

Visit the World of Work site to learn how jobs at MIT are organized, find other jobs like yours, explore the basic skills you need for different job groups, and find potential opportunities for career growth in different parts of MIT.

Managing Your Career

Find strategies, tools, and programs to help you develop in your current role and prepare for future opportunities.

Informational Interview Network on Yammer

Members of this group are willing to share information about their job fields and career experiences. Reach out to any member to learn more about what they do and feel free to join the group yourself.

AO Fundamentals

For employees interested in exploring the role of Administrative Officer.

Workshops and Classes

Register for workshops and classes to help you become more effective in your job.

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