HR Spot Award Nomination Form

HR Spot Award Nomination Form

The process for presenting Appreciation/Spot awards is as follows:

  1. The Nominator completes the Spot nomination form below and selects a gift from the available options
  2. The Recognition Committee prepares a "thank you certificate" and returns it to the nominator together with the selected gift
  3. The Nominator presents Spot award to recipient
  4. HR Spot award recipients are recognized at department meetings and on HR Central

Spot Nomination Form


What would you like the thank-you certificate to say? Be specific in describing why you would like to give this recipient an award.

(Remember to speak directly to the recipient -- for example, "thank you for your hard work and dedication during our project together.")

Please review before you submit your nomination:

  • The gift card and certificate will be delivered to you by a member of the Recognition committee, typically within 24-48 hours.
  • We will NOT notify the recipient about the award. You may personally deliver the thank-you certificate whenever you feel it is appropriate.
  • Cori Champagne and Elizabeth Hawley will receive this request. If you would like to give a spot award to one of these individuals, please contact Cori or Elizabeth directly.

Review your information to make sure it is correct, then submit the form by clicking 'Submit' below.