2013 HR Infinite Mile Award Recipients

2013 HR Infinite Mile Award Recipients

Michelle Carmichael

The first award is for INITIATIVE AND CUSTOMER FOCUS. This recipient received more than one nomination for an Infinite Mile award, and you will see why. According to the first team of nominators, "This recipient's customer service level exemplifies what HR strives for in all or our work and interactions with each other and across MIT. She is always on top of every issue, big and small, and handles each with an utmost purpose: a positive experience for the customer."

Her other nominator writes, "She is the queen of following up. She'll ALWAYS come by my desk or stop me in the hallway to make sure that whatever request I've made has been taken care of. She does this even though, hands down, she is the busiest person in HR. I'm older than she is, but I want to be like her when I grow up."

This recipient was also a key figure in HR after the difficult events this spring. Her response was to help us as a department support and care for one another, when everyone was coping with the sheer stress of the events.

To quote one nominator, "She quickly and masterfully coordinated an early morning continental breakfast for the department. Many showed up for all or part of the event. It was appropriately low-key and even the unanticipated times of silence spoke volumes."

For your exceptional work in meeting the needs of internal and external customers, I am pleased to present this award for Initiative and Customer Service to Michelle Carmichael.

Joanne Hoeth

Our second award is also for INITIATIVE & CUSTOMER FOCUS. This recipient lives and breathes HR's customer service motto "CARES."

In fact her nomination spells it out.

She Consistently owns and follows through on her work-related projects. She challenges static processes and works to implement a solution to her high standards of quality.

She is Accessible with a capital A - and a delight to work with. She is Reliable, and can work with all different people in equally responsible and authentic ways. She is the go-to person for any question, and she will always deliver an answer. She has worn many hats in HR, and continues to assist in projects with teams all over the department.

She is Efficient and quick to respond, and she strives to understand the trends and needs of those communities with which she interacts.

As her nominator says, "We all are better able to serve our own customers because of all the great work she does behind the scenes with skill, ease, and finesse."

I am very pleased to present this award for Initiative and Customer Focus to Joanne Hoeth.

Julienne Dean

Our third award is in the LEADERSHIP: GROWING A CULTURE OF DEVELOPMENT category. This was another joint effort in nominating this recipient, and I want to share some of their comments. This individual has shown exemplary leadership skills, and has been a key figure in helping her staff develop their professional goals.

One contributor writes, "She takes time out of her very busy schedule to meet with each of her team members one on one, in addition to making time for each of us when we need her help to resolve an issue. She is dedicated to her employees' performance and career growth. She is very fair when making decisions and always keeps the best interests of the team member, client and/or MIT at the forefront depending on the issue."

Her team knows that she has their professional goals in mind. Another contributor writes, "Recently, we reviewed the performance self-appraisal for this year. Since she has helped in my development throughout the year, when I complete this form, I don't have to think really hard on my accomplishments, because she has been there mentoring me all year long. We will soon begin to use new goal setting and professional development tools. I know that with her leadership, her team will not only achieve these goals, but exceed expectations."

It speaks volumes when team members write and submit a nomination for their manager, and I am so pleased to present this award for Leadership: Growing a Culture of Development to Julienne Dean.

I-9 Verification Team

Our final award is a team award for CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION. This is a team that we all know well. They took on a Herculean task, but had a positive outcome for all of their efforts. This was an important fast-track compliance project that involved staff from HR, HR-Payroll Service Center, International Scholars Office, the Office of the General Council as well as Administrative Officers and HR Representatives in the DLCs. The project team participated in many hours of compliance training. They sought input from key constituents, designed and implemented an entirely new and centralized process. The team wisely anticipated unusual cases and problems that might occur and developed cases studies to be sure the staff would be prepared to handle them should such issues arise. The new process is much more tightly managed.

The nominator writes, "As a colleague not involved with the project, I was very impressed with the creativity and teamwork of this very talented group. They took a very important Institute responsibility, under tight time constraints and with limited resources and implemented a comprehensive new process. I don't know if any official declaration has identified this project as a huge success but, from where I sit, it looks like the team did terrific job for which they should be commended!"

And we are - Congratulations to the I-9 Verification Team for their Creativity and Innovation award: Wayne Turner, Michelle Carmichael, Kathleen Flynn, Chris Frechette, Joanne Hoeth, Julie Lindley, Charles Ormsbee, Chuck Pizzano, Lianne Shields, and Jennifer Walsh.