HR Infinite Mile Nomination Form

HR Infinite Mile Nomination Form

Infinite Mile Submission Deadlines

The Infinite Mile submission deadline for 2018 is TBD.

Tips for Writing a Nomination

  • Give the "before and after" picture. What existed before this accomplishment or contribution and what exists now. How has the situation improved?
  • Ask co-workers, supervisors, and/or clients to provide a detailed statement in support of your nomination.
  • Don't worry about using fancy speech and eloquent images. Just say it like it is. Use a bulleted list if you prefer.
  • Provide specific examples of why the individual or team deserves the award and what was achieved.
  • Use a letter or nomination you already wrote for that individual/team for another award.
  • Even more tips: See strong, active writing examples and questions to help you frame your nomination on the MIT Excellence Awards site.

Nomination Form

Individual or Team You Are Nominating

When you click "submit" below, your nomination will be sent to the HR Awards Committee at, and a copy will be e-mailed to you for your records.