HR Infinite Mile Award

HR Infinite Mile Award

Within Human Resources, the Infinite Mile Award is the highest honor a staff member can receive in recognition of his or her exceptional work.

The award acknowledges individuals and teams whose contributions help to fulfill HR's core mission to "...advance a vibrant and diverse work community where individuals thrive and contribute to MIT's excellence."

It is our sense that the following criteria are essential to fostering excellence, within HR and within the Institute as a whole:

Who is Eligible?

With the exception of those currently serving on the awards selection committee, all HR staff members are eligible to receive an HR Infinite Mile award. The selection committee is a subgroup of the recognition committee, which includes previous HR Infinite Mile Award recipients. They may not be nominated for individual awards. If they are a member of a team that is nominated and selected for an award, they may receive the certificate of recognition but not the cash reward. Selection committee members may not submit nominations.

Who Can Nominate Someone for an Award?

Anyone at MIT can be a nominator. We encourage you to nominate peers, colleagues, supervisors, or supervisees within Human Resources. A nomination may include one or more of the criteria below, but you should not feel limited by the categories. The intent is to recognize all forms of exceptional work that promotes HR's mission. Be sure to give specific examples to support your nomination.

Nomination Form

When and Where is the Award Presentation?

The Infinite Mile Awards are presented by the Vice President for Human Resources at an annual luncheon in the spring. Recipients are given a certificate and a copy of their nomination citation. Individuals receive a $1,000 cash reward and teams share a $2,000 cash reward. The cash reward is included in the recipients' regular payroll deposit and is subject to taxes.

Award Categories

Everyday Leadership

This individual:

  • Regardless of position or title, exhibits the mind-set and behaviors of a leader.
  • Motivates and energizes their area or team.
  • Promotes respect and collaboration.
  • Makes others successful.

Collaboration and Community Building

This team:

  • Ensures different points of view are considered and maintains sense of community.
  • Provides honest feedback.
  • Is not afraid to change course.
  • Shares knowledge and experiences for a more impactful outcome.
  • Leverages network for future projects.

Initiative and Customer Focus (Internal/External)

This individual or team:

  • Consistently "owns" work-related projects and follows through to successful completion.
  • Accessible, reliable, and respectful of others through all types of interactions.
  • Efficiently, quickly, and effectively solves customer problems.
  • Strives to understand the community that he/she is serving.
  • Anticipates customers' needs and potential issues.

Innovating and Improving

This individual or team:

  • Produces innovative solutions by encouraging creative problem-solving and/or taking risks.
  • Proposes and implements new methods, services, or technologies to meet customer needs.
  • Leverages knowledge of the organization to do things differently and achieve measureable results
  • Replicates successful approaches and applies them in new ways, or for other procedures and projects.

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