Forms for Managers

Forms for Managers

Reminder: Two-Factor Authentication Required

MIT is increasing its security. MIT faculty, staff and affiliates must have a phone enrolled in a service called Duo in order to visit secure content at MIT. You can enroll a cellphone, landline or both.

Duo is required in order to access Atlas, some HR forms and pages, and many other restricted areas at MIT. Learn more about Duo and two-factor authentication or enroll below.

These HR transaction forms are intended primarily for MIT managers who are submitting requests for postings, offer confirmations, employee changes, and more.

Some of these transactions may be conducted online via Atlas.

These forms are restricted to MIT employees. You may use your Kerberos username and password or an MIT certificate to log in when requested. Login help.

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Need Help?

For assistance filling out academic and non-academic forms, contact the HR/Payroll Service Center.

For technical questions about using these forms, contact