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Leave Submission Instructions for Managers

Leave Submission Instructions for Managers

This area of the FMLA site is intended for Administrative Officers and Personnel Administrators. If you are an employee requesting a leave, please view The Leave Process > Before a Leave.

To process a leave of absence relating to an employee's own illness, the serious illness of a family member, pregnancy, or adoption, please follows the steps below. If you have any questions or need advice at any point in this process, please contact the Leave Administrator in the Disability Services and Medical Leaves Office or your Human Resources Officer.

1. Request documentation from employee

Meet with employee to review leave request and to discuss MIT leave policies. Employee should submit the following forms at least two (2) weeks prior to going on leave:

  1. Employee Leave of Absence Request Form: This form should be completed by the employee. If the employee is already out, please print form and mail to employee.
  2. Medical Certification Form (see Forms page): Information on the medical certification form is private and confidential. All medical certifications should be submitted from the employee or the health care provider directly to the Leave Administrator in the Disability Services and Medical Leaves Office.

2. Submit leave request

Leave requests should be submitted to the Disability Services and Medical Leaves Office as soon as you are aware that an employee will be absent from work for more than 5 days. (Employee will receive a notice of approval, provisional approval, or denial via US mail within a few days after you submit the request.)


About the online Supervisor Leave Request Form: The Supervisor Leave Request Form allows supervisors, Administrative Officers, and Personnel Administrators to submit employee leave requests directly to the MIT Leave Tracking system in the Disability Services and Medical Leaves Office.

The system has been programmed to automatically:

  • check employee's eligibility on MIT's various leave programs, such as FMLA leave;
  • generate leave approval/denial and medical re-certification request letters;
  • track employee's 12-week FMLA leave entitlement usage (continuous, intermittent or reduced schedule); and
  • provide limited legal and compliance assistance.

3. What to do about payroll

To ensure there is no disruption in the employee's sick and extended sick leave benefits, please follow the steps listed below.

Support & Service Staff

  1. Code Weekly Payroll Time Sheets: If leave qualifies for paid benefits under MIT's sick leave policy, continue to submit employee time sheets to Payroll until sick time runs out. Indicate on the time card the code for sick "S".
  2. Apply for Extended Sick Leave (ESL): If leave extends beyond employee's accrued sick time and employee is eligible for ESL, please complete and submit the Extended Sick Leave Request Form*. (See the Personnel Policy on ESL.) Continue to submit employee's time sheets to Payroll. Indicate on the time card the code for extended sick leave, "x".

    * MIT certificate required.

Administrative and Sponsored-Research Staff
If leave qualifies for pay benefits under MIT's sick leave policy, employee will continue to receive regular pay (see the Personnel Policy on Administrative Staff Sick Leave).

Note: Absences due to a family situation are generally unpaid. Employee may elect to substitute unpaid leave with paid vacation time, or take time off without pay (sick time may not be used).

Sponsored-Research Staff Reimbursement Accounts
Departments may be eligible for reimbursement for employees paid on sponsored research accounts. Reimbursement occurs after 30 days of continuous absence due to illness. Please contact the Disabilities Services and Medical Leaves Office at (617) 324-0082 or hr-dsmlo@mit.edu, for more information on reimbursement procedures.

4. Stay in touch

For continuous leaves, you are encouraged to stay in touch with the employee. For extended absences, Disability Services will automatically request written status reports and medical updates from the employee every 30 days.

Employees returning to work after an extended absence may be required to provide a written Fitness for Duty Certification. Disability Services will provide assistance in obtaining any required return to work medical certifications. Employees returning to work may also be eligible for accommodations under the American with Disabilities Act. Disability Services can also provide assistance in this area.