Employment Verification Policy

Employment Verification Policy

Human Resources frequently receives requests from outside organizations for employment verification. Any requests for salary information will only be given if an internal release is provided. Human Resources will not release home addresses, home telephone numbers or Social Security numbers.

Request Employment or Wage Verification

For MIT employee requests for employment verification letters on MIT letterhead, or for requests for employment and wage verifications for loan applications or background checks by outside verifiers, please visit this HR/Payroll site.

MIT Policy on the Release of Personnel Information

Only the following information concerning active or terminated employees is released by Human Resources upon receipt of a telephone or written request:

  • dates of employment at MIT
  • job classification or title
  • department in which the individual is or was employed
  • MIT telephone extension on active employees, if requested

Written requests for additional information related to credit evaluation, employment references, mortgage applications, etc. will be provided only if a release form is signed and returned to Human Resources by the employee. Human Resources will forward a release form to the employee for signature.

Requests for employment information by the Division of Employment Security in Massachusetts and other states in connection with an unemployment compensation application will be provided, as required by law, without the use of a release form, since this inquiry is initiated by the terminated employee who has filed a claim.

Employees will be notified, whenever possible, when the Institute is required to provide personnel information by a subpoena, warrant, or other court order.

Mortgage Verification

If you are applying for a mortgage, your bank will send to us a request for employment verification. Since this request asks specifically for salary information, it is MIT policy to have an internal release form signed and returned to HR before this information will be supplied. The form is forwarded to the Office of the Vice President for Finance for completion and then returned to the lending institution. If you know that your bank will be sending in a verification request form, please feel free to fill out and sign the release form and mail it back to Human Resources. A copy of the release form will be kept in your personnel file.

General Verification

Human Resources, will, at your request, prepare a general letter which verifies your employment at the Institute. This letter is addressed "To Whom It May Concern" and contains the following information:

  • Your current job title
  • Your original hire date
  • The department in which you are currently working

If you wish to have your current salary released within the contents of the letter, please fill out the release form, and we will be happy to include this information in the letter. A copy of the requested letter will be kept in your personnel file.

Insurance Claims

The insurance claims that we receive contain requests for salary information, therefore we do need an internal release form signed and returned to Human Resources before this information will be given. Upon receipt of the release form, the insurance claim will then be referred to your Human Resources Officer for completion and then sent to the law firm requesting the information. A copy of the completed form will be kept in your personnel file.

Student Employment

Human Resources does not have information on students working at the Institute. For verification of employment on student employees and Loan Deferment Information, please contact Student Employment, Building 5 Room 119, (617) 253-4973.