Human Resources offers partial support for two professional development programs—Conexión and The Partnership—designed to accelerate the growth and development of underrepresented minority professionals. Please consider nominating staff who meet the criteria and exemplify standards of excellence.


Sponsorship for participation in the programs is based on departmental and HR support. All applications will be vetted for acceptance into the programs.

HR sponsors employees at a level of 50% of the fee. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to consider sponsoring one of your employees so more MIT colleagues can participate. For partial HR support for your employee, please contact Alyce Johnson, Manager of Staff Diversity and Inclusion, for an application. Decisions will be made by a small advisory group of alumni from all three programs. If you can provide full sponsorship for your employees, they can apply directly through each organization’s website: Conexión and The Partnership, Inc.


Conexión was created to advance Latino leadership to meet the changing needs in business, organizations, education, and government in an increasingly culturally complex world. The 10 monthly peer group sessions focus on leadership theory and competencies. These sessions combine professional development with facilitated peer-to-peer dialogues. In addition, there are monthly one-on-one meetings with mentors who are senior executives from the area’s top companies and organizations, representing a broad spectrum of professions and industries ($8,000).

The nomination period for this year has closed.

The Partnership, Inc.

The Partnership, Inc. offers two development programs that feature three inter-related curriculum components of professional development, effective relationship-building skills, and civic engagement.

The Boston Associates Program is for early stage professionals; training and resources are provided for developing leaders through professional and civic opportunities ($5,000). The Boston Fellows Program is for mid–to-senior level professionals; coaching and training are provided on how to expand leadership through self-reflection and emotional intelligence ($7,000).

The nomination period for these programs has closed.

Other Programs

The following programs are also sponsored by MIT.

MIT Rewards and Recognition Excellence Awards Category: Fostering Diversity and Inclusion: maximizing MIT's strengths

This award is for teams and/or individuals who:

  • Take an active role in raising awareness and educating others about diversity and inclusion
  • Respect and value differences and work to promote fairness and equity throughout MIT
  • Encourage the best in others and help the MIT community fulfill its potential
  • Demonstrate formal or informal leadership by embracing the meaning of diversity and inclusion through positive interactions
  • Leverage differences to create a more effective and productive workplace

YMCA Achievers Awards Program A renowned program that recognizes high-performing diverse professionals

The program's objectives are to inspire the educational and career aspirations of minority youth by engaging "Achievers" in community service that benefits youth, promotes mentoring relationships, and creates channels for continued community involvement by business and industry. Award recipients are paired with youth development programs to volunteer a total of 40 hours over a 10-month period. Participation in the program is by nomination only and is coordinated through central Human Resources.

If you have any questions, please contact Alyce Johnson.