Forming ERG<span style="text-transform:lowercase;">s</span>

At MIT, ERGs will be formed by a group of employees who want to organize a support network around a common identity or interest.

What interests might lead employees to form an ERG?

Example Employee Resource Groups from other institutions:

  • Disabilities Awareness Group
  • Latino Employees
  • African-American (or Black) Employees
  • Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender Group
  • Veterans ERG

How are ERGs formed?

MIT's ERGs will be self-led with technical and resource support provided by Alyce Johnson, Manager of Staff Diversity and Inclusion.

See Steps to Establishing and Maintaining an ERG.

What support does MIT offer to ERGs?

The Human Resources Department will, through the HR ERG Coordinator, provide:

  • Resources and information about the successful formation of ERGs
  • On-going consultation about program design, effective meetings, communication strategy, etc.
  • Modest financial support, upon request, for ERG programming
  • Training or orientation on relevant HR topics (e.g., recruitment and retention, current Institute diversity inclusion efforts)
  • Assistance identifying and working with an Executive Sponsor
  • Endorsement of ERG activities as part of MIT's Diversity and Inclusion efforts