MIT Job Groups

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Categories and MIT Job Groups

Job Groups: A grouping of positions with similar job content. These job groups are used for affirmative action analysis and are required by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs of all federal contractors, such as MIT. These job groups are derived from the 8 broader Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's categories.

Executive/Senior Level Officials and Managers (01)

1A Executives, Top Officials, Senior Officers - position has ultimate responsibility e.g. President, V.P.s, Deans

First/Mid-Level Officials and Managers (01)

Positions that have full authority influence and control for a major unit/area; position is responsible for final decisions and final staffing decisions. Is the top position within a function/large area.

1D IT/IS Managers/Directors
1F Financial Planning Managers/Directors
1M Media/Publicity/Communication Managers and Directors
1O Facilities Operations Mangers/Directors — relates only to physical plant operations i.e.: facilities, safety, police, dorms
1R Resource Development
1S Student and Academic Administrative Managers and Directors- Academic Department Heads — e.g. Director of Admissions, Biology Department Head
1T Human Resource Managers and Directors

Faculty (02)

2A Professor/Associate Professors, Faculty — Tenured
2C Associate/Assistant Professors, Faculty — Non Tenured

Other Academic — MIT Campus (03)

3A Academic Instructors, excluding Visitors
3B Academic Instructors, Visitors
3C Academic Researchers, excluding Visitors
3D Academic Researchers, Affiliates/Visitors

Research Staff (03)

3R Senior Research Scientists/Engineers/Associates
3S Principal Research Scientists/Engineers/Associates — Advanced degree (PhD)
3T Research Scientists/Engineers/Associates
3U Research Specialists/Technical Assistants/Technical Associates
3W Sponsored Research Staff Technicians

Lincoln Laboratory

31 Group Leader
32 Associate Group Leader
33 Assistant Group Leader
34 Senior Staff
35 Technical Staff
36 Associate Staff
37 Assistant Staff
38 Research Staff

Professional / Non-Faculty (04)

41 Administrative Professionals — covers all administrative positions not captured by one of the following codes
4D IT/IS Professionals - non-managers and non-directors
4F Financial Planning Professionals
4H Health Services Professionals — direct patient care positions
4L Library and Museum Professionals
4M Media/Publicity/Communications Professionals — all forms (print, electronic, verbal) e.g.: reporters, editors, marketing, publicity, sales, etc.
40 Facility Operations Professionals -- physical plant operations positions, Facilities, Safety, Police, Dorm Facilities
4P Physicians — MDs
4R Resource Development— positions responsible for raising funds, seeking potential means for money and/or donors, identifying sources of funds and materials.
4S Academic and Student Administrative Professionals — positions with duties directly involved in student-related services, interfacing with students, e.g.: registration, counseling, admissions, courses
4T Human Resource Professionals

Office Clerical / Support Workers (05)

5L Library Support
50 Office Machine Operator/Data Processing
5S Secretarial/Administrative/Clerical, Grades 2-3 (Entry)
5T Secretarial/Administrative/Clerical, Grade 4 (Mid level)
5U Secretarial/Administrative/Clerical, Grade 5 (High level)
5V Secretarial/Administrative/Clerical, Grade 6 (Highest level)

Technical/Paraprofessional (06)

6G Graphic Arts/Photography/Drafting
6H Health Service Technicians – Medical
6L Laboratory and Animal Services
6M Machinists, Mechanics and Related
6T Technicians: Electrical, Mechanical, Related (Including Lab Technicians)

Trade and Crafts (Skilled Crafts 07)

7T Trade and Craft Workers

Service Maintenance (08)

8B Buildings, Grounds, and Food Service Workers
8C Custodial and Related
8D Distribution and Transportation Services
8S Security and Protective