Our objective at MIT is to promote a workplace of inclusion that welcomes and supports people of varying backgrounds, different viewpoints, experience, talents, and ideas.

By respecting and valuing differences in race, gender, ethnicity, age, physical and language abilities, culture, religion, and sexual orientation, opportunities become numerous. Approaches to problem-solving and decision-making are multi-dimensional, leading to success and empowering staff to thrive and do their best work.

Our role in Human Resources is to advance staff diversity and inclusion efforts and to offer assistance in reaching the goals of affirmative action. The Institute is committed not only to meeting the requirements of laws, but also to creating an atmosphere of civility, collegiality, mutual respect, and inclusion that stimulates and supports all employees in their work at MIT.

Advancing Staff Diversity and Inclusion

Human Resources provides:

  • consultations to departments, labs, and centers across the Institute.
  • advice on how to connect with the widest possible range of candidates inside of MIT.
  • workshops, programs, and tools for integrating diversity and inclusion into MIT's culture.

We do this in the context of MIT's five strategic themes for diversity and inclusion:

  • Grow the network of distributed leadership across campus
  • Increase the general knowledge and understanding of diversity and inclusion
  • Ensure a clear and consistent message and maintain the visibility of diversity and inclusion as a MIT priority
  • Embed diversity and inclusion into all relevant MIT practices and processes
  • Pilot tools that will enable individuals and groups to leverage diversity
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