Talent Management & Workforce Planning Overview

Talent Management & Workforce Planning Overview

Talent Management focuses on the role of leaders in developing the workforce to assume future roles and assignments determined by Institute needs.

Organization and Employee Development helps facilitate talent management processes with leaders or management teams, at all levels, focusing on talent within or across departments. OED works with these teams to articulate organizational needs, evaluate bench strength, and identify development activities.

What is the process for talent management and workforce planning?

Organizational Assessment describes the initial steps of a talent management process:

  • Identify organizational and department trends
  • Review strategy, challenges, opportunities
  • Prioritize goals, work, projects
  • Determine factors affecting workforce planning

Workforce Analysis focuses on using information to gain an overview of the workforce and targeting a talent management initiative:

  • Identify critical job roles for discussion and planning
  • Review knowledge/skills/attributes needed
  • Determine employee population for review
  • Gather demographic information

Talent Review provides an overview of how to facilitate a discussion of key talent:

  • Identify readiness and potential for future assignments or positions
  • Review possible succession plans
  • Determine strengths and development needs of employees

Development Planning focuses on implementing development activity in the organization after the talent review:

  • Review development assignments for on-the-job learning
  • Identify relevant training and education programs
  • Explore formal and informal mentoring initiatives
  • Plan and conduct development discussions
  • Hold follow-up sessions to review outcomes of development discussions, assignments, and learning plans