On-The-Job Learning

On-The-Job Learning

Want to enrich skills needed in your current role or develop skills needed in a new role? Some steps you can take are included below.


  • Learning a New Role

Starting a new job can be a high growth and learning opportunity. There are a number of strategies you can use to make a successful transition.

  • Seek multiple perspectives about expectations for the role or function. Explore past history and ask about future directions.
  • Find an informal mentor, - a trusted colleague who can help you navigate through the on-boarding process.
  • Learn the culture. Find out about how important information is communicated and who needs to be involved. Ask about how new ideas are promoted and how problems are solved.
  • Understand your "stakeholders." Role mapping is a way of capturing expectations for a job role. It is a planning process in which you identify key collegues who will likely influence the work you do. For each “stakeholder” you identify that person's expectations of your role, what they are looking for, and their criteria for success. A role map (PDF) helps you uncover multiple perspectives and clarifies work priorities.
  • Enriching Your Current Job Role

Job Enrichment is a development strategy in which you expand the range of responsiblities and tasks in your current role. Enrichment includes:

  • Project assignments
  • Participating in committees or project teams
  • Developing new skills or knowledge as part of an expanded role
  • Rotating temporarily into a position or set of tasks