What is Strategic Talent Management at MIT?

Strategic Talent Management is a new way to describe HR services that many of you and your teams already know and use.

What makes it new is how these services -- Recruiting, Including, Developing, and Recognizing -- will work together in a more intentional and coordinated way, resulting in the greatest impact for MIT employees.

We believe this strategic approach will enable MIT’s diverse staff to be fully engaged and reach their highest potential.


strategic talent management logoDevelopRecognize<br />


Recruit: Staffing and Career Development Services

Include: Diversity & Inclusion

Develop: Talent Development

Recognize: Recognition

Our vision for Strategic Talent Management at MIT is to position the Institute as an employer of choice through:

  • An inclusive culture that relies on its diversity for innovation and excellence
  • A focus on recruiting, engaging, and developing employees
  • A commitment to recognizing the Institute’s employees throughout their MIT careers