Salary Structures

Salary structures have been established for Administrative and Support staff. Each year, Compensation staff review MIT's salary structures to ensure they remain competitive with the market.

The Administrative staff structure is a broadband structure. Because the bands in the Administrative classification are so wide, the Compensation Office suggests that, where appropriate, job postings contain a hiring range.

The Support staff structure is a more traditional salary structure where minimums and maximums represent the pay for a particular job.

Sponsored Research and Medical Staff

The Compensation Office recommends that when posting jobs for Sponsored Research and Medical staff, the hiring manager should include a hiring range. To establish this range, hiring managers are advised to work with their Compensation Specialist who will analyze the market, similar jobs at the Institute, and internal equity.

Effective December 1, 2016, the FTE minimum salary for Sponsored Research and Medical staff is $47,476.

For more information about Sponsored Research appointments, see MIT Policies & Procedures Section 5.2.

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