Administrative Staff Salary Structure

Administrative Staff Salary Structure

The Administrative Staff salary classification structure is broad in that it blends measures of internal and external market equity. The Compensation Office suggests that, where appropriate, job postings contain a hiring range. 

Hiring Ranges

The hiring range should be based on what has been budgeted for the job, what others in similar jobs within the department and across the Institute are being paid, and what the market is paying for similar jobs. For more information, see Hiring Ranges.

Administrative Staff Broadbands

Effective July 1, 2018

Level Level Code  Level Min  Level Max
1 N $50,600 $88,740
2 O $55,140 $100,820
3 P $60,860 $117,150
4 Q $68,870 $154,920
5 R $86,150 $220,460
6 S $126,410 $275,710