Generic Job Descriptions

Generic Job Descriptions

The sample job level guides below are provided to show what progression in specific career paths at the Institute would look like. A job level guide consists of generic job descriptions.

What Is It?

A generic job description is a high-level description of general duties and responsibilities associated with a broad, generic job. It also includes the general requirements necessary to perform the duties and responsibilities outlined in the job description.

A generic job description can be helpful to departmental managers and/or employees when creating a new job description. These descriptions can be modified to reflect more specific duties and responsibilities for a particular position in a DLC and should then be incorporated into the Job Description Template and kept on file and/or sent to the Compensation Office for evaluation.

For additional help with job descriptions, see our tips for writing job descriptions, our online course Writing Effective Job Descriptions, as well as our glossary of terms.

Job Level Guides

In addition, IS&T has created numerous job level guides which can be helpful when writing or revising IT descriptions. Please see IS&T Roles for more information.