Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

See frequently asked questions about MIT's Tuition Assistance Plan.

1. Who is eligible to use MIT's Tuition Assistance Plan? Is there a waiting period before employees can begin using the Plan?

Benefits-eligible employees who have at least a one-year appointment, work at least 50% of the full-time schedule in their department, laboratory, or center, and are paid by MIT can participate in the Plan on their date of hire. The funds are prorated for part-time employees. Learn more.

2. Where does the $5,250 calendar year tuition assistance amount come from?

The $5,250 amount is the maximum amount the IRS allows MIT to provide to benefits-eligible employees on a tax-free basis, per calendar year (not the fiscal year). More information can be found in IRS Publication 15-B.

3. What does the Tuition Assistance Plan cover?

The Plan covers tuition and certain fees, such as registration, application, computer, library, lab, and curriculum support fees. It does not cover books and materials. Learn more.

4. How are the reimbursements issued?

The reimbursements are issued via direct deposit, separate from your weekly or monthly paycheck. Learn more.