Enroll or Make Changes

Enroll or Make Changes

You can enroll in or change health plans in Atlas.

Enroll in Health Plan Coverage

Sign up when you begin work at MIT. Use Atlas to enroll in your health plan coverage within 31 days of your date of hire or appointment—or within 31 days of the date you receive your official Welcome Letter, whichever is later. When enrolling a spouse or partner or dependent(s) in health plan coverage, you must provide appropriate documentation (e.g., a marriage license or birth certificate) to MIT Benefits.

When you make your benefit elections as a new employee, you also have the opportunity to enroll eligible dependents in MIT’s health plan. You will need to provide proof of eligibility when you add dependents to your benefits coverage. This process is simple and straightforward. Shortly after you enroll a dependent in your benefits, you will receive a letter at your home address from the Benefits Office.  This letter will ask you to submit specific documents demonstrating that your newly enrolled dependent are eligible to receive benefits coverage under MIT’s health plan and will explain how to do so. The types of acceptable documents vary depending on your relationship to your dependent. A list of examples of required documentation is available below. 

As a result of federal health care reform, MIT is also required to report the tax identification numbers (TIN) of each employee and family member with MIT medical coverage. A TIN may be a Social Security number, Individual Taxpayer Identification number, or Taxpayer Identification number for Pending U.S. Adoptions.

Choosing a PCP

The MIT Traditional Health Plan and the MIT Choice Plan require that you choose a Primary Health Provider (PCP). Learn more about choosing a PCP.

Change Your Health Plan Coverage

To cancel or make a change to your MIT Health Plan coverage, use Atlas during the annual Open Enrollment period.

If you experience a change in your life—marriage, partner's job loss, disability, new baby, change in Medicaid status or insurance coverage—you can make changes to your health care benefits outside the Open Enrollment period.

When you make a change because of a qualifying life event

  • your change must be consistent with your life event (such as adding coverage for a new spouse/domestic partner)
  • your change will be effective on the date of the qualifying event
  • you must return the Health/Dental/Vision Plan Enrollment/Change Form (available below) to MIT Benefits within 31 days of the event—or within 60 days of change in Medicaid status
  • you must provide appropriate documentation (e.g., a marriage license or birth certificate)

Find out which life events qualify you to make changes to your benefits—and the time frame for making those changes.

Why the period for making changes is limited

Most of the benefits plans offered through MIT are paid with pre-tax dollars. In exchange for this tax advantage, you are prohibited from enrolling in, canceling, or making changes to those plans outside the annual Open Enrollment period, unless you experience a qualifying change in your work or family life.