Health & Medical Plans

MIT offers eligible employees a wide range of health and medical plans that cover most types of care. You will not be excluded from any of the plans offered by the Institute because of pre-existing conditions. 

Choose a Health Plan

MIT offers two health plan options: The MIT Traditional Health Plan and the MIT Choice Plan, a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. Learn more. 

MIT also offers the GeoBlue Plan for faculty and staff and their dependents who live overseas. Learn more.

Retiree Health Plans

Learn about the health plans offered to retirees.

What Else You Should Know

Save on prescriptions

You can help moderate the increase in cost for both you and MIT.

Who can use MIT Medical?

All benefits-eligible faculty and staff are eligible to use certain clinical services at MIT Medical, including urgent care, eye, and radiology. If you are enrolled in an MIT-sponsored health insurance plan, you'll be charged a $10 copayment for most services at MIT Medical. If you aren't enrolled in an MIT-sponsored plan, your benefits are determined by your individual coverage, and you may be billed for any copayments, co-insurance, or non-covered services. Individuals enrolled in an MIT sponsored health plan can get laboratory services even when ordered by a non-MIT clinician. Individuals not enrolled in an MIT sponsored health plan can only get laboratory services as part of an urgent care visit.

Choosing a PCP

All employees and their dependents must choose a primary care provider (PCP) when they enroll in the MIT Traditional or MIT Choice plans. Your PCP manages all aspects of your health care and is your key resource when you have questions about your health. Learn how to choose or change your PCP.

Save for health and medical expenses

MIT Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) allow you to set aside funds tax-free in anticipation of medical expenses. (MIT also offers a Dependent Care FSA.)

Consider using a Preferred Provider

You can avoid a copayment for high-tech imaging such as a CT scan, MRI, or PET, at facilities such as Shields MRI or Coolidge Corner Imaging. Consider using one of these facilities instead of a hospital since the cost at one of these facilities is generally one third less for MIT than the same service at a hospital.

The high-tech imaging copay will be waived for both members of the MIT Traditional and the MIT Choice Plan if services are received at one of these preferred provider facilities with a referral from your PCP. If you visit any other provider for these tests, you will pay a $50 high-tech imaging copay, up to a $250 per person calendar year maximum.

Check with your primary care provider or specialist for a referral to one of these providers.

What are the co-payments for each of the plans?

You are eligible to pay a copayment of $10 for your health care visits when you choose a PCP from the providers at MIT Medical, either in Cambridge or Lexington.

If you or any of the family members covered under your plan choose a PCP from the HMO Blue New England Network, you will pay a $20 copayment for healthcare visits. The maximum you would pay in copayments for the year is $1,200 per member. This amount is the total of copayments that you pay for non-MIT Medical primary care providers, OB/GYN physicians, and specialists.